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fanart contest

NEW FANART CONTEST!! Feb '02 Villain and Friend Theme Contest!!!

*Previous Contest Winners*

*Current Contest Entries*

general contest rules
1. Don't send more than 3 entries
2. Don't trace or copy your entry(s)!
3. Don't steal other's artist's artworks and claim that they're yours!
4. entries MUST be mailed to us as jpeg files!! we will not accept any other type of file!
5. No hentai! Only tasteful, mild nudity is allowed!
6. No contest entries will be accepted after the deadline!
7. Draw accordingly to the theme! (If the theme is to draw a future sailor soldier, then don't draw a picture of a rock!
8. Contest winner(s) must be willing to give us an address to send them their prize! and we're extremely sorry, but you must be in the United States to win a prize. we cannot pay the extra shipping charges. you may still enter, of course, but be aware you cannot win. please notify us in the email when u send your entry if you are a US resident or not. sorry if you are outside the US and were looking to win. *gomen nasai*
9. Contest winner(s) must reply to our prize confirmation email within 5 days or a new winner shall be selected!
10. Play fair, follow the rules, and HAVE FUN!

Contest Theme
There has to be a villain in every manga, otherwise, who would you have to hate? ^_^ Same goes for Takeshi's manga, Elements of Destiny. We're giving you the opportunity to create the villain! In the story, Takeshi's best friend (unbeknownst to anyone) is the host body of the bad guy! The friend doesnt know either! Sooo, you get to design her best friend too! They have to look different, and give each a japanese name. i would most prefer the villain being a girl, or woman. you can design everything else! this is a combo of two contests, so you can either draw the friend on the same paper as the Villain, or on separate peices. there will be two first place winners, no runner ups. one winner for the best friend, and another winner for the villain. if you win for the villain, you cannot win for the friend. you may enter up to 3 times for the friend, and 3 times for the villain. our email is at the bottom of this page.

All enries must be received by SUNDAY, MARCH 10 2002. no acceptions for late entries will be made.

originality is KEY. go all out on the hair, or keep it plain, go all out on the outfit, or keep it simple. doesnt matter, just keep it original. we dont want to see any plagerism, we have VERY keen eyes for copied work. we wanna see this character strutin' her stuff! give her a kickin' pose! she'll look sad just standing there! we want to make something VERY clear to everyone. we do NOT judge on coloring medium. whether hand colored or CG, it does NOT affect the outcome of the contest in any way! once we have chosen winners, we have chosen them because we beleive they deserve to win. there are often MANY gorgous entries, which makes judging difficult, but there has to be a winner. please do not be sore and send us a cold, rude email if you happen not to win. WE DO NOT JUDGE OUT OF SPITE OR GRUDGE. we need to get this message across, so that it is understood that we try to be fair. thank you, and we are sorry it had to be sent like this. prizes
these prizes refer to the Feb '02 Villain and Friend Theme contest. the prizes will change contest to contest.
-First Prize - Your character is in Takeshi's manga! hooray! but, thats not all! you also receive either keychains, a poster, sailor moon manga, other anime paraphanalia and such. we will make sure to make it a prize of value. it will be decided when the deadline grows closer.

send all entries to