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Yeah here we go! Over the long summer of waiting, we finally got the winners! We would first of all, love to thank all the very talented artists that entered. We loved all the drawings so much that it took us a few extra days to decided on who should get what place. We would also like to thanks everyone who took the time to even look at the contest. We would love to have another contest sometime soon, but we need some support. And, if we get anymore commissions, then we will have some excelent prizes! Such as manga books, paint sets, nice new coloring pencils, and a bunch more. But that is only if we get some commissions. Please take a look at the winners and if you are one, contact us so we can send you your prizes, first place please pick which prize you want so we can figure out what the other winners get.

First Place Winner!

goes to Valyriechan

Seond Place Winner!

goes to Poledra Bod

Third Place Winner!

goes to indigo

-The Grandprize winner will get to choose 1 of the following prizes.
-The Secondprize winner will get to choose 1 prize from what the grandprize winner leaves.
-The Thirdprize winner will get to choose 1 prize from the remaining prizes after grandprize and secondprize have chosen.

prize 1 - A Sailor Moon foil poster. its too big to scan, but its of the inner senshi in their human forms picnicing by the water. there is a reflection of them in the water. its very pretty...i wish i had gotten one for me too ^^;
prize 2 - some blending stumps and two or three peices of charcoal
prize 3 - a book of drawing paper