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guest artwork

please follow the rules for submitting artwork. if your peice breaks a rule, it may not be posted. as for now, there is no specific theme to submit a peice of art, but we will start monthly themes that must be followed for your artwork to be posted. thank you, and we look foward to seeing your artwork! rules for submitting artwork
1. don't submit more than 2 peices of artwork a month. sorry, but we dont have an infinite about of space here ^^
2. make sure your artwork is saved as a .jpg or .gif file only. anything else will not be accepted.
3. mild, tasteful nudity is fine, but absolutely no hentai will be accepted.
4. please, on the email, put "guest art" as the subject.
5. please provide your email adress you wish to be contacted by and your website if you have one.
6. make sure your artwork follows the current theme or it will not be accepted.
7. PLEASE, do not email k a t a rev about the artist saying "oh please will you tell such and such so and so for me?" no! we will post the artist's email adresses! email them, not us!
8. if do not wish to be emailed by fans, please notify us about that in the email.
9. these rules are subject to be changed by k a t a rev at any time.
10. if you abide by these simple rules, you will surely see your art up in no time and you will make our lives a little bit easier! thank you!

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