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both Takeshi and Katy are currently doing FREE commissions. read this page anyway, first to give you an idea of how we go along with it. no one was requesting anything, so we're goin to do free ones now. unless, of course, its a REALLY complicated request. thats unlikely to happen, though. even though it says the prices below, ignore them. i do not feel like changing the page ^^ <--lazy

I would be delighted to complete any request you give me. I do, however charge for a request. (there may be a time when either I or Katy will give free requests). The prices are reasonable, and depend on the drawing you request. Even after I have finished and sent you the finished artwork, i retain copyright over it, that means you cannot re-produce or re-sell it for your profit unless i agree to it. Read over the information below before sending your request.

Here is an idea of what the prices are like. The prices depend on the intricacy and amount of detail in the picture requested. These prices are subject to change at my choice. i will discuss my choice of price with you to confirm. i can be very flexible, but the price will not go lower than the lowest prices for each catagory here. and it is not common for me to charge the high is not often nessesscary. both my and kaiyu's separate emails are at the bottom of this page when you are done reading and ready to request something.

Pencil Line Drawing-------$4-25
Black and White Toning-------$8-50
CG-------i dont do CG

If you are interested in requesting a work from me, please email me with a detailed description of your picture (characters in it, colors, type of drawing, background, poses, etc...). i can then give you an exact price, and shipping details. Please note that the buyer will be paying the shipping. The full amount of payment must be made before the final artwork can be mailed to you.

Q - How long will it take you to complete my request?
A - The first black and white confirmation sketch will usually take 1-3 days. The final can take anywhere from 4 days to 3 weeks depending on how many requests i have and the time and how detailed your picture is.

Q - How detailed does my description have to be?
A - As detailed as you want the picture. If you want it to be exactly what youre thinking, send a very specific, detailed description. If you want it to be mainly my creativity, send a less detailed description. The most important details are what theyre wearing, colors, poses, location, etc...

Q - Can you draw my fanfic character for me?
A - This happens all the time. Please, if you want me to draw your character, describe your character. Tell me what they wear, their name, their items (if any), be specific on original characters.

Q - What won't you draw?
A - (From Takeshi) I am unable to and will not draw Mecha. i can't draw most men as well, but can try if needed. i will draw nudity, but not hentai. i will not draw yaoi, but i will draw relationships such as Haruka and Michiru's. i can draw a large group (more than 5) on one sheet of paper, but the price will reflect on that. i can draw various animals as well. as for what animes i do, i can do any anime at all, but i am acustomed to drawing mostly shoujo-style animes. to name a few....Tenchi Muyo, Oh! My Goddess, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth, DBZ, Pokemon, Pretty Samy, and if you want one not here, ask! i can learn to draw it for you. i can also do certain video games.
A - (from Kaiyu) I would be more than glad to draw any anime or manga series but unfortunetly, I don't about all of them. I love drawing characters from sailor moon, tenchi muyo, cardcaptors, and many more. I wounldn't mind looking up charaters from other series so I could learn how to draw them. :) I will not draw nudity, but I will draw it the way Naoko did in Sailor Moon for the 200th episode. I will also draw characters you create yourself.

Q - Exactly how flexible are you on prices?
A - If you have a problem with giving people your adress, its quite alright. i will simply email you a high quality color scan with a signifigant decrease in the price. but if i mail the original peice to you, you must pay shipping. i can also ship you a high quality print of the picture, if you wish. we can haggle the drawing prices a little, but i will put my foot down at a certain price. if you do not want to pay, i am sorry, but i must charge money and i will complete someone else's request who is paying. a method of payment will be confirmed after the picture is finished.

Q. If I buy a certain amount of drawings, do I get anything for free?
Answer for Kaiyu - Of course, if you purchase two of my drawings, I will send you one for free, your choice what it is! I'll even pay for the shipping on the free drawing!
we would like to thank you for requesting our services and we are sorry for any inconvience. thank you for your patience and time. ~*Kaiyu and Takeshi*~

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