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about takeshi-chan

hi! my name is Stephanie. my birthday is july 2, 1987 and i live in the USA in New York. i have brown eyes, and dark brown hair. i am a freshman in Hastings High School. my favorite foods are any seafood (especially lobster), and sushi. my favorite snacks are ice cream, apple crumb pie, hot cocoa lollipops, funnel cake, mochi, those little jello shooters, umm.... pretty much any snack there is, lol. my favorite things to do in my spare time is draw, watch cartoons, go online, play video games, watch my fish (only if im really bored ^^), hang out with friends, and lounge around the house. i have two hamsters, Cocoa and Furball, and three fish, Courage, Muriel, and Eustace (i have a little obsession with Courage the Cowardly Dog ^^;). my favorite non anime tv shows are Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Simpsons, Southpark, Invader ZIM, The Fairly Oddparents, The Angry Beavers, Reboot, Bugs Bunny Cartoons, Music Videos...i can usually find something to watch whenever i turn the tv on, lol.

personal drawing tips from takeshi
wellll, lets usually not very good at giving tips, but i'll try...

first off, the main key is patience and practice. no one is just born being able to draw. you gotta have patience and work at it. you can see my first ever anime picture here. its in the Sailor Moon section. its not that great compared to how i draw now. that drawing is about 6 years old. what i usually do if i want to learn how to draw characters from a specific anime is go online and print pictures of them. i use those pictures as reference until i am comfortable with the character's design. all animes have a different style of drawing. i was never able to get the hang of the style used in DBZ, or mecha styles. i just cant do those.

when you first start to draw, it may not come out exactly how you want it to. have patience with yourself; its not easy. i, personally, am a perfectionist. i cannot draw without an eraser. i admit i am, but i also can admit its not a good thing to be. im rarely satisfied with my drawings. i notice little things about them. like, i have a habit of misproportionizing the heads to the bodies. and i cant draw men. i can't get their hair to look like guy's hair. so, be patient when you first start, and that put u on a good start.

doing a draft or two might help u out too. when i enter contests, i usually do several drafts to make sure that the final is the best i can do. try out different mediums as well. i usually stick to grey toning and colored pencils. i occasionally ink one or two. try not to distract yourself, too. the most distraction i can usually handle without getting sidetracked is music. if i draw when i watch tv, i usually dont get much drawing done. and if someones talking to me, same thing. try to pace yourself with breaks and so forth. if i work too long, i get lazy and my drawings get sloppy. when i get some extra time, i'll make an actual step-by-step tutorial on basic characters, like sailor moon, or tenchi characters, or such. but, i havent gotten time yet. its making its way up my to-do list.