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Takeshi - Finished Requests

this is a commission given to me by Sailor Sapphire. they asked me to draw their RPG character, Sailor Sapphire ^^.

this isnt really a commission, i drew it to send to Nintendo Power Magazine and Playstation Magazine. i hope they show it! its Naya from Dark Summit and Elise from SSX Tricky. i like it! ^^

this was requested by Arbiter. he asked me to draw him a hot sexy Ed from Cowboy Bebop. he also asked me to give her a curvy figure. so i did that! *not for the easily offended!*

this was also requested by Arbiter. he asked me to draw a cute sexy ed too. so i did!

This is my first ever Evangelion pic and it is my best pic ever! it is also my first ever commission peice! thank you Mikey for requesting it! he asked me to draw Asuka being sexy, so thats what i did! i love everything about it. the colors, her hair, the beach, her body. everything just fits together so nicely. the commission fee for this picture was $36.00

this is a commision i did a looooong time ago. i did it for free because i was younger and didnt think to charge for it ^^; well, Raven from Princess Moonlight asked me to draw a picture with Sailor Venus and Zoicite posing as Sailor Moon from that episode (i forget the title). its completely original, no looking at poses or anything (it was a big deal back then) and i was sooo proud, and i still am!

this is pic i did for free for a friend of mine. i call it lavender, refering to the color of the flowers and her little faerie dress. i really love everything about this picture. what i love the most, it she's kind of human proportion looking, and i didnt draw her anime. shes a cabbage white butterfly faerie, like the butterfly beside her. when i was little i used to always catch those with my little net^^.....okay, strollin' down memory lane here....ill stop, lol ^^;