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Mystical Creature Artwork - Takeshi-chan's

this was for a contest. it was to draw your fave anime character in a mystical form.

this was a drawing i did for a friend. he gave me a very broad description - an angel with fringe bangs, so i did it! i love how shes playing the harp!

okay, this little fairy named Phil is from a manga series. i drew this for a friend of mine. i thought it was kinda cute how she fit in the wine glass.

this is pic i did for free for a friend of mine. i call it lavender, refering to the color of the flowers and her little faerie dress. i really love everything about this picture. what i love the most, it she's kind of human proportion looking, and i didnt draw her anime. shes a cabbage white butterfly faerie, like the butterfly beside her. when i was little i used to always catch those with my little net^^.....okay, strollin' down memory lane here....ill stop, lol ^^;

this is an extremely old picture i drew. i drew it from when i was going through this mermaid phase about a year ago. i really like the tail, with that frill sorta thing on it.

this is a very old picture, but i still love the idea. im thinking of re drawing it when i get a chance. it would look a lot nicer if i draw it now. but i still love it.

this is a little drawing i did a really long time ago. it was supposed to be a sexy liitle mermaid in a lagoon, but i never really got around to drawing the lagoon. i tried making her hair look wet and sleek, i dunno if it worked. ^^

this was my favorite mermaid pic at the time, its kinda hard to see, but shes tying a ribbon in her hair. i really like how that came out. and her curves are pretty good too. i wasnt too good at curves back then.

yeah, yeah, i know i say this almost everytime, but i loove how this came out! the dolphin came out exactly how i imagined. it has a sort of spinning look to it, which is good. this pic is also, like the rest of my mermaid pics ^^;, really old.

this is one of my old mermaid pics that i dont really like (wow). its supposed to be looking at her as if she was looking towards the surface and sorta floating there staring. it didnt really come out quite like that...oh well.

this is a doodle i did during school at the same time as the rest of the mermaids. the only thing that i think turned out well in this one is the tail. its shape really came out well.

this is the first of a series of sailor moon character mermaids i did. this is the only one that came out alright looking. they were all supposed to be holding this cloth thing of their color. i dont like anything in particular about this one. the rest were pretty sucky ^^;

this is a mermaid i made a couple of months ago and then lost. then i found it yesterday and died with joy. ilooove it! i love the shading and coloring soo much! i think i did a better job than usual on the body. yay!