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Fashion - Takeshi's

this is a little ballerina wearing a fuzzy blue outfit. its so kawaii!

this is just a very plain dress i designed. i like the flowers shes holding.

this is a denim outfit i designed for my character, Takeshi. i love the pattern on the pants! i really wish i had made those lines on her cheeks in ink, though. i hate that.

this is a girl w/ peach hair and an orange bikini. i like how she was sitting and im surprised i was able to get it right. i was gonna make a beach in the background, but im lazy ^^;

this is a blueish girl i made. shes a little on the naked side, so if you're offended by that, dont look. i love how her hair and the ribbons came out. her skins colors a little messed up and stuff, but i like her hair ^^

this is my character, takeshi, in a semi-formal outfit i designed. i really like her hair like that.

this is a chinese/ japanese robe thing with roses printed on it.

This is my all time favorite drawing. its not like my others, theres feeling of pain and distress in this. the rose thorns, as you can see, are cutting her and she is bleeding. i purposely only colored the roses and the blood for a very deep effect. omg i love this drawing! ^_^

i was in a short flower petal phase when i drew this. its not one of my best, but i like it none the less.

i really like this drawing. i love the detail in it, im very proud of it. her hair is my favorite part. it looks like its flowing.

i love this one, its supposed to be an anime form of me. my eyes got sorta messed up in the glasses, but its ok.

this is my second favorite drawing. i want to be a fashion designer and im always designing dresses, but this has to be my favorite. its so detailed and so precice. her head just a little too small if anything is wrong.

this is a girl who is obviously, very red. i really like how it came out, her expression, her hair, the colors. i have never drawn a short haired girl before, so that one of the reasons i like it so much.

this is just a dress i made up with a shawl.

this is a girl modeling a trenchcoat.