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Takeshi - Sailor Moon

this is for a contest. i DID NOT draw it. the contest was to color it in. i used plain old Paint for it. it was my first and, sadly, the last time i will use Paint to do CG again...i am really impatient with it. but i love how this came out. i need Paintshop Pro or something b4 i do CG again.

this was also for Raven's contest. i thought Minako might be a soap opera actress.

this is for a contest. you had to draw this girl's original charcter with sailor cosmos. i love how the original character came out, but i HATE how sailor cosmos came out!

this drawing won me grandprize in Tour Guide Bunny's fanart contest. this is also one of my favorites. i love how chibiusa came out.

this one was going to be a cover for a manga i was gonna make, but i never made it. it was about how chibiusa and hotaru are children and are too young for the adult relationships the rest of the older senshi can have.

not much to say about this one. i like her hands.

i really like how the dress came out at the bottom, it looks like its moving.

this is my experiment with pastels. its pretty good for my first pastel drawing, but i hate how her face came out, and the pencil smudged all over.

this one i am currently in the process of coloring. it represents death and rebirth joining as one, the forms of saturn. i made death's head a little too small ^_^;

this one is really old. it was sort of just a random idea.

this was supposed to be a bookmark i made up for a friend. its pretty old.

i entered Tour Guide Bunny's old contest with this picture. i didnt win. something is very wrong with vesves, something with her legs just didnt come out right. but i love the idea of the drawing and it took sooo long to do since i had to first learn to draw those characters because i had never drawn them before. it took like 10 drafts, lol.

i first saw this on cardcaptor sakura and thought it was cute, so i put chibiusa and usagi in the dresses. it came out cute but i dont like usagi's hair or luna. ohwell...

this is from the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S Movie. its really old. ive been meaning to make a new one. but i like it.

this is a commission i did for Princess Moon's website. its completely original and i really like it. its from when zoicite was the evil sailor moon and venus came.

this picture i saw in one of my sailor moon mangas i have annd i decided to draw it.

nothing much to say about this...its one of my first shading experiments. i like it

this is another of my first shaded pictures.

This picture i did for a Christmas sailor moon contest. i dont know if i won yet ^^ i really like how it came out, though.

i did this for Raven-san's contest. you had to draw one of the senshi in a future job they'd have. i thought mako-chan would be a figure skater. i dont know if i won yet ^^

i did this for Raven-san's contest too. i dont know if i won yet ^^;. i thought Ami-chan might be a horseback rider....maybe...^^; well, not really....but, its supposed to be ami. i really like the proportion in this. usually i cant get the horse in proportion to the person. i did in this one!