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Takeshi - Tenchi

this is a pic i did last summer, i planned on drawing her on a motorcycle, and selling it on ebay, but the paper wasnt big enough, and i never got around to drawing a new one. so heres the unfinished peice!

i like this one. i saw it on a site and drew it. i dont like mihoshi's face though.

this is soo cute! i saw this online too, i love how it came out!

this is a pretty old one, but its still very peaceful.

this was a doodle i did during school. i love how sakuya came out. shes so cute

this is VERY old pic of ryoko. i was thinking a sexy, wet, shimmerry look....and rising out of the water fit perfectly! ^^; well, i suppose its alright...considering how old it is...heh...