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takeshi's updates--

5 new images! or more i think.... 1 in fashion, 4 in comision, 1 in rayearth, 1 in EVA...more to come. tripod wasnt letting me upload the rest...aargh
9 new images!! 2 in sakura, 3 in Elements of Destiny, two in fashion, one in DiGi Charat and more to come really soon! i started drawing my comic, i have 2 pages ^^; hehe. its a start. i finished 3 commissions, so those should be up soon.
6 new drawings!! woo hoo!! 2 in fashion, 2 in my original manga plans (you can find that in the "original anime" section), 1 in Final Fantasy, and one in Mystical Creatures. enjoy!
reorganized the place and added a section or two for art that i scanned. im starting my own manga series. i am doing planning sheets for it. i think i might have a mini contest. i need a friend for the main character. i cant think of what she should look like or her name. i have so many characters to make and im not that creative. im having enough trouble making the main character's profiles. there wont be a prize, besides the character being in my manga. ill post more info as soon as i think it through better.
6 new images; 1 in sailor moon, 5 in original
5 new images, 2 in sailor moon, 3 in original
4 new images - 3 in sailor moon, one in Cardcaptor Sakura! yay!
6 new images - two in Mystical creatures, two in Cardcaptor Sakura, and one in Tenchi. the 6th is the Megami-sama one got fixed, so now u can see it.
1 new image, actually its not new, i just fixed the link, so it is new, in a way that no ones seen it yet. its in Neon genesis Evangelion.
2 new images - Original, and Mystical Creatures (which is also a commission)
4 new images - Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, Aa! Megami-sama, and Original Anime